21 November 2014

Friday I'm in Love

This was both a fast and a slow week for me but, either way, it's Friday again! It's a bit of a clothing week here, and don't forget to check out what MishaKendra, and Mary Beth are loving this week, too.

ONE: Boden Rainy Day Mac

I semi-stalked someone who I saw wearing this jacket so that I'd know where to get one of my own. Although I didn't end up picking the same pattern as she had, I'm so glad that I splurged on this beauty. Not only is it cute, cute, cute, but it is fleece lined and complete with a hood. As a Pacific Northwesterner, this is an incredibly practical three-season coat! Love it? Oh, yes! (30% off right now too!)

TWO: Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

This fall, I'm a big fan of this fleece cardigan. It's warm, comfy, nursing-friendly, and creates a put together look without any effort. Think sweatshirt on the inside, cashmere on the outside. Ok, maybe it's not that extreme, but you get the idea. I own a couple of these, and I'm considering yet another at the next markdown.

THREE: Love to Dream Swaddle Up

We had one of these for Madeleine and used it as a back-up. Mr. I-Hate-Swaddle-Blankets has slept almost every night and every nap in his "bat suit" since he came home from the hospital. We're trying to break him of the habit, but it's going to be a battle. This afternoon, he went from grumpy to grin as soon as I started zipping him into his suit. They used to be hard to acquire outside of Australia and New Zealand, so I'm happy to see that they're now available on Amazon.

And with that, I'm going to go mourn the fact that my baby is turning three months old this weekend. Have a good one!

14 November 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Welcome back to Friday I'm in Love. Be sure to check out what MishaKendra, and Mary Beth are loving this week, too!

ONE: Change of Seasons
The chill of winter is in the air, and I'm once again reminded of why I love living in a place with four distinct seasons. We had a few days of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine this week, and I was inspired to get (the kids) outside and make the most of them, knowing that the days like this - even 30-degree ones - are going to be limited until next June or July.

TWO: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - the modern animated show inspired by Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - is one of two shows Madeleine is allowed to watch, and it has had a major impact on her ability to handle some difficult situations, most recently potty training. Each 30-minute episode contains a lesson, neatly packaged in a catchy jingle. As you may imagine, our house's recent repeating soundtrack is "When you have to go potty - stop! and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way."

THREE: Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's
I was introduced to these this week, and I can see why they have their own Facebook page. I'm not usually a big TJ's fan, but these might draw me in a time or two before the end of the holiday season.

FOUR: Kate Middleton's appearance at the Royal Variety Performance
I am loving Kate's dress, casual yet formal updo, pregnancy glow, and itty bitty baby bump. Check them out here. Yes, royal watching is one of my guilty pleasures.

What are you loving this week?

09 November 2014

Weekend in Photos

Our weekend started on Friday. George took the day off work so that we could have all hands on deck for our big 3-day potty training adventure. We knew that Madeleine was (really, really) ready for this when she started playing potty a few weeks ago.

She did a great job telling us when she needed to go to the toilet (sometimes even when she didn't) and is in underwear full time now. Hopefully the sleep wets will resolve themselves over time.

Grandma and Papa's package with firefighter hats, a new book, and stacking logs arrived at the perfect time! 

Madeleine's not the only one who got to enjoy extra Daddy time!

When the kids were sleeping, I started an overhaul of my craft storage, including uniformly folding all 52 yards of Madeleine's fabric (that big one in the middle is fabric from Hawaii that will be the back of a quilt for her). 

This morning, Elliott and I joined a friend for a cruise around a local quilt show. I soaked up lots of inspiration, including this original design. 

As we try to do most weekends, we took the kids to the pool. Madeleine is a water maniac while Elliott happily floats along. 


After his swim, Elliott was exhausted. He connected with his hand for just long enough to put himself solidly to sleep.

Once we were home and he was fed, Elliott allowed me to capture his beautiful smile. He's very content but rather stingy with his big, toothless grin, so I'm especially happy to have finally captured it. 

We're bracing for a busy week and much colder temperatures. How was your weekend, and what's on your agenda for the week?

31 October 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Two posts in one day - what?! It's Friday and time to get back on the Friday I'm in Love wagon. Be sure to check out what MishaKendra, and Mary Beth are loving this week, too!

ONE: Matching Rainboots

This fall, Madeleine and I are rocking matching rainboots. They're comfy, easy for her to put on and off, and oh so practical in the Pacific Northwest...especially for a kid who leaps into every puddle she sees like her life depends on it.

TWO: CARES Safety Harness

I mentioned that our flight to San Jose was Madeleine's first one in her own seat. We debated about what to do with her because carrying a car seat onboard is a hassle, but a lap belt is not really safe for a toddler and also may not contain her if she decides she wants to open it. The CARES harness worked perfectly for giving her the familiar feeling of a 5-point harness and keeping her safe without creating a big hassle. Even better: it's small and light enough for her to carry it in her little backpack.

THREE: Cold Stone's Marshmallow Ice Cream

Cold Stone has done it again! One of their current seasonal flavors is marshmallow, and let me tell you: that ice cream is delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed it in the seasonal signature flavor Campfire Classic (marshmallow ice cream with chocolate shavings and graham cracker crust pieces) and hope to try another combination or two while it lasts. Yum!

What are you loving this week?

Happy Halloween

Today's the day when my Facebook and Instagram feeds burst with cuteness, and I can't wait to contribute!

Around the house, I did a few simple decorations this year. I just love that the brainchild behind the handprints on the pumpkins managed to have the worst print. Repeat after me: more paint makes a better handprint. Madeleine is a handprint-making expert, so I should have followed her lead. Next time!

The kids' costumes, on the other hand, were an all-around success. For the past two years, Madeleine's costumes have been determined by whatever was in good shape and her size at the consignment store. Even though Madeleine doesn't really "get" Halloween yet, this year I wanted to choose a costume for her that might help her understand the concept. One of her favorite books right now is Green Eggs and Ham (aka Sam I Am), and I knew exactly what we had to do as soon as I saw this blog post. [More details here.]

Madeleine's Sam I Am costume consists of a hat made of felt and stuffed with batting, a yellow t-shirt worn under a yellow dress sewn from fleece using one of her existing dresses as a general pattern, white tights, white shoes, and a little plate with green eggs and ham made using felt, cardboard, batting, elastic, and hot glue.

I've always told myself that I wouldn't make Halloween costumes because it's only for one day, but this was a lot of fun (and surprisingly easy)...and even has me thinking about whipping up some real clothes for Miss M. She was so excited at every fitting and so proud to wear the final product (for at least five minutes)!

Elliott's Cat in the Hat costume is even simpler. He's dressed in a black onesie, black pants, and black socks topped off with newborn white gloves, a bow tie made of felt hot glued to a pin, and a (way too tall) hat made of felt and stuffed with batting.

I'm off to check out the rest of the Internet's costumes...and maybe sample some candy. What do you like best about Halloween?